Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Felled Maple

There was a very old maple in my yard that once-upon-a-time had grown five separate stems. Two had been removed some years ago, while another now had considerable heart rot and seemed in danger of falling. Windy storms also caused many higher branches to drop like crazy, so it was now time to remove the tree before anyone got hurt. I asked my arborist to save any large sections of clear wood that he found, and here's what he left me:

The photo below/left shows the remains of the trunk. I am using the good sections to build a trestle-style workbench, with a thick, continuous maple slab for a top. Hopefully, there's enough wood here to complete it. Since this project is destined to be something of a background task, my immediate objective was to remove the bark and elevate the sections to keep rot and insects away.