Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two Tramps in Mud Time

These two characters appeared on my roof the other afternoon while I was out in the yard pursuing my timber-shaping activities. They made quite a racket. At one point, both of them were leaning forward and cawing in rapid succession, in unison, like two over-zealous spectators at a football game.

Given the axe in my hands, it reminded me of a line from a poem of the same name as this posting, by Robert Frost: "Out of the mud two strangers came and caught me splitting wood in the yard, And one of them put me off my aim by hailing cheerily 'Hit them hard!'"

For some reason, there is a rather large number of crows around here that seem to just love my yard. They congregate here frequently on summer afternoons, often in pairs, some times even in threes. Often, they land on my roof, and I can hear the tap tap tap as they perch on the rain gutter just above the window of my study.

Here are two more photos I took last fall. The first is of a crow perched in my dogwood tree. You can't tell from the photo, but it was a very blustery afternoon, and he was riding up and down with the wind, until he finally decided to fly elsewhere. In the second photo, another crow is pacing the front yard:

There have been many interesting crow sightings here. Unfortunately, they are usually gone, though, by the time I manage to get my camera. I also make it a point not to leave anything small and valuable (like my camera) unattended in the yard, lest one of these little thieves should decide to pinch it.


Cassie said...

Good to know crows are welcomed at your place.That way if this old crow is in the area I'll know the welcome mat is out!! he he.

Shellmo said...

The crows like you for some reason - maybe they find all the handiwork you're doing very interesting! I love these birds - they are very intelligent and good problem solvers.

Laura said...

I've just discovered your blog. I love your home. I would love to feature one of your posts on my site. Of course I would credit it to you and provide a back link. Please let me know if you are interested.

John Poole said...

Cassie -- Yes, all manner of old and young crows are welcome! Airedales too!

John Poole said...

Shelley -- They are probably trying to figure out how to leverage my handiwork to their advantage! I love them too; they are very smart and clever birds.

John Poole said...

Laura -- Sure. I will send you an email.

AlexandraFunFit said...

1. Do you ever eat crow?
2. Do they go well with kale?
3. If two strangers came out of the mud and started talking to me, I don't think I'd be quite as welcoming as Frost was.
4. Is it possible the crows hang about because the squirrels told them there was to be a huge party in the upper floors (and walls)?
5. Rather a coincidence that you never have a camera right when the crows want to take a picture of YOU perched in the tree. You were probably up there using one of your obscure Amish tools to measure the branches or wind speed velocity of the African swallow.