Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Snows

They say February is usually the snowiest month. That seems to have proven true this year, both here in southern New England and many other places, as well. Here are just a few random photos of the snow falls from last month.

February 16th

Snow actively falling on Hawkins Street. I like this photo because the flakes were large and very visible. This storm began in the wee hours of the morning and lasted throughout much of the day:

The side yard -- snow clinging to my red maple, dogwood, and pine trees:

The usual clearing of the entry porch roof, prior to shoveling the front walk:

February 26th

The predicted Snowmageddon of the decade turned out to be a real snoozer here in the Derby area, although points west of us certainly received quite a bit of snow. Not only did we get far less snow here than predicted, but it was actively melting and lasted only a short time on the ground.

Here's a shot of the side yard prior to my cleaning the walk...snow was already disappearing from the various surfaces:

As for blogging, I've been quite busy as of late with a number of pressing matters, and not very focused on writing. There's a backlog of about three or four articles in my head, and I hope to get them written over the course of the next week or so. Please accept my apologies for the recent lack of activity. But spring is coming, and hopefully better times just ahead for every one!


Cassie said...

Well dear cousin, it's good to see the cobwebs cleared from the corners of this blog! (Totally understand other pressing matters!)My friends in N.Idaho say this was one of the mildest winters in ages up there. My mom's area of PA wasn't slammed as badly as the rest of the East coast...they did have some horrible flooding a month ago and I guess half the town had to have their cellars pumped out! Will keep an eye on Hawkins House now that I know you're back in the blogusphere. Have a good week.x-c

Caffeinated Librarian said...

Need I say how this is the worst winter we've seen in these parts? ;-P

Lovely photos though.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for visiting my daughter Carrie's new blog! So nice of you!

Hopefully your snow will not linger too long...ours here in Michigan has seen the sun a bit in the past two days so we're hoping it will soon leave us with green grass and visions of springtime! Have a great day! Coralie

Shelley said...

That's a beautiful photo of your house in the snow! That should be framed!!

John Poole said...

Cassie ~ Thanks much! Yes, some cobwebs have cleared, but new ones always manage to creep up, it seems. Hope all is well by you.

CL ~ Yes, you certainly may say that! And thanks much regarding the photos. I thought they came out nice myself, for relatively impromptu shots while I was clearing snow.

Coralie ~ No problem! It was my pleasure visiting Carrie's new blog. I wish her a lot of luck, and will check back regularly to see what she's up to.

Shelley ~ Thanks! I do love that photo, and will certainly re-use it elsewhere. Hope all is well by you...