Sunday, July 27, 2008

Midsummer Blooms

The green things growing whisper me, of many an earth-old mystery - Rexford

Midsummer saw many a wild and crazy thing blooming in the yard, particularly in the herb boxes. The cilantro transformed itself into coriander, almost overnight, propelling its seed pods skyward to dizzying heights -- so high, I had to stake it to keep its stalks from breaking.

Thyme blossoms and coriander; corriander seed pods

On the other side of walkway, the sage, lavendar, tarragon, and oregano all had grown considerably large, with the oregano and lavendar in particular sending off some remarkable blooms...

Oregano, lavendar, taragon and sage; a lavendar blossom

Tarragon and oregano; oregano blossoms in all their glory

Close-up of the oregano blossoms

The hasta on either side of the front walkway are likewise producing their flowers now...

Meanwhile, honey bees, wasps, and other important pollinators, daily visit these blossoms, and I am glad to see that happening.

An ant enjoying the coriander flowers


Iris said...

I like your blog, the felled tree and your plans for it are great. Too bad the tree is down, but you can always plant another. My guess is it was an Acer saccharinum. Your garden looks very nice as well. It is always a good thing to see the bees and everything working in harmony. If only life were so simple!

John Poole said...

Thanks very much for the good words. Yes, it was indeed a silver maple. And I've planted two austrian pines in another location for CO2 sequestration purposes! Please check back from time to time for progress updates on the bench... :-)