Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Era of Responsibility

Congratulations to President Barack Obama today on his Inauguration!

I stayed home today and watched the entire event this morning via streaming video. And in keeping with my tech-oriented pedantries, even tweeted some of the key moments. That probably doesn't sound all that profound, but watching this event while sitting here in a 330+ year old residence can't help but to amplify the significance of this event, in a very concrete way.

When I consider the fact that slavery was introduced to the New World by New England colonists in the early 1600's, was nearly universally practiced here until the 1830's, that my own home was once tended to by domestic slaves (the old town records show at least two associated with the house in 1682), and that even my own forebears in the south possibly participated in slavery, and definitely exploited the convict labor system in Georgia in the early 1900's, it makes me all too well aware of how ensconced I am in this history, while speaking volumes as to the incredible progress we've made since. That an African-American has now ascended to our highest office will certainly mark a positive turning point in our country's history.

And what a remarkable day it was marking this event. Yes, brutally cold, but calm, clear, and blue skies. We had just had two or three days of overcast skies and at least as many snowfalls. But the weather basically turned out fine and gave us a pristine Inauguration Day.

Our own post-Inaugural party, at the home of my friend Alice


SandyVTW said...

WE watched from our facebook and CNN Live, it was awesome. What a great day in history!

Able Oaks Ranch said...

yes, and here in east Texas, I also watched the 44th president sworn in. I, a white woman of the baby boomer generation, grew up in Dallas and went to segregated schools in the fifties. There are still people in my area that fly the confederate flag in their front yard. The land behind my ranch was a concentration camp for union soldiers captured in the battle of Vicksburg.

But I cried tears of joy that our country and the younger generations in their 20's and 30's have turned the corner on rascism. President Obama is an exceptional person, and I'm looking for opportunities to step up and participate in his call to service and sacrifice.

John Poole said...

Many thanks to both Sandy and Able Oaks Ranch for their thoughtful comments! Regarding "participation in his call to service and sacrifice," I had a number of thoughts along those very same lines that I had intended to post here, but simply ran out of time yesterday. Please check back in a few days, if you like. Hopefully, I'll get them included by then. Thanks again! - John