Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock Me Amadeus

Well, I sure hope the Easter Bunny was good to all of you. He certainly did well by me. Apparently, he knows what a fan I am of all things Enlightenment, especially the music of Herr Wolfgang. Not to mention that I also enjoy a good piece of chocolate just as much as the next person. So he rewarded me for my numerous forgiven misdeeds by supplying me with an excellent bar of feine milchschokolade, packaged as "Salzburger Mozarttafel" by Mirabell of Austria. As you can see in the photo, this chocolate bar balances perfectly against a large book, as long as at least the upper one-third of the bar is removed, so as to lower the center of gravity (I am not really sure where that chocolate actually went).

And as an added bonus, once I am done sharing my Easter present with most of my friends, I will have a very nice portrait of Amadeus to place on my future piano or harpsichord (assuming, of course, that I ever get my parlor squared-away).

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and weekend! And now it's back to the grind...ugh....!!


Cassie said...

Glad Mr.E.Bunny knew your likes!
I thought you were going to say you were going to decoupage the wrapper on your wall or something weird like that.he he.Please just throw the wrapper away John. You don't want to turn into a hoarder, flattening out candy wrappers in heavy books and piling them to the ceiling.

Shellmo said...

If that chocolate was mine - I would've torn off the wrapper, scarfed the chocolate and then lamented that I wrecked the pretty wrapper. LOL!

John Poole said...

Cassie & Shelley: Actually, it wasn't just a paper wrapper, but a rather substantial piece of cardboard (a small box with a flap at one end). So, yes, I scarfed the chocolate, but still had the box nicely intact.

All I need to do now is find a suitable small frame, and my Mozart portrait is all set. And as far has my hoarding wrappers in books piled up to the did you know, Cassie? Are you psychic? Or perhaps have been peeking through my windows? I'm keeping an eye out for you, Cousin Cassie!